Our Inspiration

It started nine months after Executive Chef Ken Harris had his first child Emily.

Emily's birth inspired world-class Culinary Institute of America trained Chef Harris to create a healthy, tasty, well-balanced diet for his daughter. He made all of her food from scratch using natural ingredients.

In fact, from that day forward the team at Chefables made feeding children healthy food our passionate focus.

The First Ever Recorded
Non-Fiction Fairy Tale

Once upon a land, in a time not so far away there were two regular people named Kenny and Lesley. Now, Kenny and Lesley had no hidden super powers, no wishes to grant and no magic dust to sprinkle. They didn't go around kissing frogs, had no interest in poisonous apples and preferred shag carpets to the magic ones.

But what they lacked in fairy tale endowments they made up in passion, talent and drive. And when they put those ingredients together...well, something fairy tale like really did happen...they created Chefables. A company whose mission is to cultivate healthy young eaters by providing meals that taste great and are good for you. So, Kenny put his culinary talents to the test by creating healthy, delicious foods for the ficklest, pickiest eaters on the planet-kids.

While Lesley put her business smarts and customer service skills to work by educating preschools and childcare centers about the importance of developing healthy eating habits in kids. Together this dynamic duo delivered yummy, well prepared, family style meals to schools and centers all over the land. And all quite affordably, conveniently and compliantly.

Today, happy kids can be seen eating delicious dishes like braised carrots, teriyaki salmon and homemade Fuji applesauce and often even asking for more. Which is why we need to repeat a fact that was not so clearly stated but certainly insinuated at the beginning of this story...this is not a typical fairy tale...this, my dear reader, is all true.

Great Teams Make Magic Happen

At Chefables our culinary team is one of the strongest
culinary teams serving children today.

We continue to make our food for the children from scratch -
artisan, small batch - not processed or prepackaged.

Chefables has an Impressive Record of
Performance Since Opening the Doors.

Our performance is best expressed by our most important critics -
our customers. Here is a "tasting" of what we've been hearing...

  • The food has been simply outstanding!

    Ramsay B.

  • Our son has really enjoyed the Chefables lunches .... Thanks for teaching him that good nutrition is also tasty!

    Lynn K.

  • I've enjoyed the peace of mind knowing she's getting a hot nutritious meal every day she goes to school.

    Theresa W.

  • I interviewed all the caterer and K-8th food programs and chose Chefables because they were the only ones that really 'get it' with respects to child care centers. They are not just re-purposing their food program for us or fitting us in between catering gigs.

    Center Director

  • And thanks for the great nutritious, earth-friendly service you are providing and making my life easier as a working parent!

    Heather F.

  • Things have been great for our son - he is really eating well now on Chefables!

    Shannon T.

  • You guys run a great business. And thanks so much for all the delicious lunches.

    Beth S.

  • I appreciate the flexibility with respects to allergies. I am so glad to have this option - she has been actually eating which is a great step for me!! And I have already been recommending this to parents.

    Rashi P.

  • We LOVE your program and the service and convenience it provides.

    Mary A.

  • We have worked with other lunch providers and there is a clear difference in the food quality, nutritional standards, customer care, and attention to detail at Chefables. I love you guys."

    Agency Health and Nutrition Coordinator

  • We appreciate everything you and Chefables have done. Not only did it save us time and energy, but our son ate great lunches too. We really appreciate all the effort too to accommodate his preferences. Thank you!

    Vanna S.

  • I can't tell you how much we'll miss Chefables next year when we go to kindergarden.

    Lisette S.

  • Our daughter raved about the chow mein on Tuesday!

    Jenny Y.

  • Thanks for the fabulous service you have provided. We have really appreciated (and come to rely on!) the convenience.

    Jill K.

  • Working with Chefables has been unbelievable. The management team is so hands-on. They really know the business and how to get the children to eat well and make the centers happy.

    Center Teacher

  • Thank you for accommodating our many special requests for her. You have been a pleasure to work with.

    Linda W.

  • Thanks for feeding my little one so well!

    Elisheva S.

  • Chefables is a great help for working moms. Thanks SO much for the wonderful food!

    Karen S.

  • My kids are EXTREMELY picky eaters... but this is definitely a step in the right direction.

    Marcy G.

  • This will be our sons last month of Chefables. We are moving to Seattle. Thank you so much for all the great meals this year. It was so good knowing that he was getting nutritious food that he would really eat. It inspired us to try out all sorts of foods that we wouldn't have thought of giving our son on our own.

    LeiLani N.

  • Thanks so much for the wonderful food you've provided to our son.

    Joe C.

  • Thanks for all of the great meals for her and introducing her to such a variety of healthy foods.

    Cindy Y.


Our Book

It all started with our deep commitment to the children. Throughout the year we are hard at work in the field with real customers teaching and learning about nutrition.

We also spend a lot of time with parents, teachers, and administrators and understand what they face daily. Chef Ables Fables is our book that shares some of our favorite learnings over the past years.

"Chef Able's Fables: Mouth-watering tales with nutritious morals" is available in hard copy and soft copy.

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