Our Food Ideology

Let's start out with...our program is very different. So different, in fact, we did not start out with a food manufacturing concern or a catering business searching for a new market....we solely founded Chefables on the important premise that we feed only children.

Being a food driven company not a marketing company we always have focused on the food at that core of what we do. We are a food program developed "from scratch" with the youngest of children at the core.

By having this focus we have developed our entire program carefully with attention to detail. Our food quality, our menus, our service delivery methods, our nutritional standards are more than a "laundry list of..." and truly a foundational premise of how we will serve you.

We are committed to our passion of chef-inspired, great tasting, quality innovative food for children. We do all of this with a high degree of precision and attention to customer care and required USDA nutritional standards.


The Food Really is a Step Above

We use natural food

Our food is largely organic and/or locally sourced from growers who are as passionate as us about quality and taste. Our variety and balance is unsurpassed.

We keep away from the artificial stuff

Our food is also low in sodium, low in sugar, largely from scratch and nutrient dense.

Real food not packaged food

Our artisan chefs make our food in smallbatches - fresh and handcrafted.

Age appropriate and portion friendly

Focused food for children.

Nutrition Standards That are the Best

Our nutrition standards are beyond the rhetoric you read we really believe what we are doing and our menus and food demonstrate our difference. All of our food is free of artificial preservatives, colors, flavors and sweeteners. We do not add transfats or high-fructose corn syrup.

Also, we believe that our balanced menu needs to be low sodium, low sugar, low-fat, nutrient dense and full of whole grains, organic or locally grown vegetables and fruits...and we continue from there...we are passionate about nutrition. And we pare quality with amazing taste. Also, we really strive to achieve balance in our meal plans. Children at this age are at a formative stage and we understand this critical premise.

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